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They dont wear shoes.
demotivational, kids
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Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife., Antoine Dodson as a dog.
Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife.
Tag... You're It, Girl wearing sunglasses and a machine gun plays tag.
Tag... You're It
Teamwork Kids, Two young boys take turns helping each other play a video game at a store.
Teamwork Kids
Alanis Less-a-set,
Alanis Less-a-set
The year 2030, Help! Is any one of you a doctor? Nope, we're all DJs.
The year 2030
Only in Australia., Only in Australia.
Only in Australia.
What was on the ground in the Jetsons?, Flintstones were on the ground in the jetsons, cause the flintstones are the 99%.
What was on the ground in the Jetsons?
Starship Enterprise Cake FAIL, Starprise Entership.
Starship Enterprise Cake FAIL
Lobster Food, One lobster hates the way babies scream when you boil them, but the other lobster assures her it is just air escaping.
Lobster Food

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