Stab One troll jesus, farm, cow, jesus
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Jesus wants the man to stab a cow in the eye.
troll jesus, farm, cow, jesus
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Batman Symbol, Jesus tells the lady to do a batman symbol.
Batman Symbol
Jesus Turn, Jesus asks when will it be his turn for kisses.
Jesus Turn
Opening, Jesus tells a story to a young man playing a song.
Don't Sit On The Keyboard?, Don't Sit On The Keyboard? OK!
Don't Sit On The Keyboard?
Theres a Pider!, Three year old daughter freaks out about spider.
Theres a Pider!
That moment when you remember something very funny..., That moment when you are walking on the street, remember something very funny and you just cant stop smiling like a retard.
That moment when you remember something very funny...
Every Morning, Bed, y u most comfortable in the morning?
Every Morning
4chan Super Saiyan, As a guy posts and gets dubs and trips and quads, he powers up.
4chan Super Saiyan
If pokemon were humans, If pokemon were humans
If pokemon were humans

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