Swagrid harry potter, swagrid, rubeus hagrid, gifs
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Hagrid from harry potter rocking his gold chain, and thug life belt. #swagrid
harry potter, swagrid, rubeus hagrid, gifs
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Time for Quidditch Practice,
Time for Quidditch Practice
Snapes on a Plane,
Snapes on a Plane
Why dont you have a nose?,
Why dont you have a nose?
How Ironic :), Notice a wrinkle on the ironing board.
How Ironic :)
Harry and Bella, Harry and Bella
Harry and Bella
Batman Childhood, Batman used to be a child like you, then he took a bullet to the parents.
Batman Childhood
Get it together Debbie!, Debbie works three jobs to support her cats.
Get it together Debbie!
I heard you like corvettes...,
I heard you like corvettes...
Milk, I am your father, Cow and Milk
Milk, I am your father

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