Nintendo 64 or Koala? nintendo 64, when you see it, koala
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Concerned Koala with mustache.
nintendo 64, when you see it, koala
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Growing a mustache, How I think Im going to look like with a moustache vs how I actually look.
Growing a mustache
This is a fact when watching old cartoons, When I was a kid, everytime the cartoon was drawn like this, I knew it was going to move.
This is a fact when watching old cartoons
Nothing to eat, Open fridge, nothing to eat. Open pantry, nothing to eat. Lower standards and repeat.
Nothing to eat
Fresh Prince Ain't Mad, Will Smith aint even mad.
Fresh Prince Ain't Mad
Sister America, That wouldn't happen in america.
Sister America
Happy Lawn Chair,
Happy Lawn Chair
Me Gusta, Just Me Gusta brought to life.
Me Gusta

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