Nintendo 64 or Koala? nintendo 64, when you see it, koala
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Concerned Koala with mustache.
nintendo 64, when you see it, koala
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Growing a mustache, How I think Im going to look like with a moustache vs how I actually look.
Growing a mustache
Are you a barsexual?, Tina admits shes a barsexual, a straight girl that kisses other girls to gain attention from men.
Are you a barsexual?
Starship Enterprise Cake FAIL, Starprise Entership.
Starship Enterprise Cake FAIL
Invisible High Five,
Invisible High Five
Gold Ones, Jesus wants to get the gold out of the patient's mouth and get out of there.
Gold Ones
Humanized Timon and Pumba, Timon and Pumba drawn as human characters.
Humanized Timon and Pumba
How to troll, How to troll guide.
How to troll

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