Congratulations Reality congratulations, debt, reality, graduation, studet
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Grats. Go chase your dream while shackled to debt.
congratulations, debt, reality, graduation, studet
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Expectations Vs. Reality,
Expectations Vs. Reality
Typical Military Deployment, How people at home see me. How I see myself.
Typical Military Deployment
The Reality of Female Sleepovers, What really happens at female sleepovers.
The Reality of Female Sleepovers
Yo Scar, Ima let you rule, but..., Yo Scar Im really happy for you, and Im going to let you rule but Mufasa was one of the greatest kings ever.
Yo Scar, Ima let you rule, but...
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Daddy's Home, Spiderman letting you know that he is home. :)
Daddy's Home
AA Meeting, Hi, my name is Terry... and I'm a battery.
AA Meeting
Whale whale whale..., Whale, whale, whale... what do we have here?
Whale whale whale...
Corporatism, Ben Bernanke asks everyone to get in line for state controlled capitalism.

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