Gates vs Jobs steve jobs, bill gates
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Perfectly healthy, gives billions to cure disease. Keeps billions, dies of cancer.
steve jobs, bill gates
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Never Crash, Macs. they never crash.
Never Crash
iGhost, Steve Jobs unveils iGhost.
Bill Gates saving up for Lamborghini,
Bill Gates saving up for Lamborghini
Godzilla Facepalm, Godzilla Facepalm. When Godzilla gives you the facepalm, you know the fail is epic.
Godzilla Facepalm
Downhill Wheels, Jack up your rear wheel ans enjoy coasting down hill.
Downhill Wheels
Meg Gusta, Meg Griffin meets Me Gusta.
Meg Gusta
Only smart people can read this,
Only smart people can read this
Callous Cat, Cats don't care what your problem is.
Callous Cat
Breathe Underwater, How to breathe underwater with a plastic bag and a plant.
Breathe Underwater

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