Gates vs Jobs steve jobs, bill gates
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Perfectly healthy, gives billions to cure disease. Keeps billions, dies of cancer.
steve jobs, bill gates
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Never Crash, Macs. they never crash.
Never Crash
iGhost, Steve Jobs unveils iGhost.
Bill Gates saving up for Lamborghini,
Bill Gates saving up for Lamborghini
He-man Make Up, He-man puts on his make up because thats what he does.
He-man Make Up
Gasp Gasp Smile, Two guys are horrified at something, but the creepy guy is amused.
Gasp Gasp Smile
One does not simply rock into mordor!,
One does not simply rock into mordor!
meme 1, meme 1
meme 1
Typical Military Deployment, How people at home see me. How I see myself.
Typical Military Deployment
mushroom clown ps3, mushroom clown ps3
mushroom clown ps3

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